As a sought-after speaker and prosthodontist (a dentist highly specialized in implants, cosmetics and complex restorative work), Dr. Polack lectures constantly throughout the year.  He has lectured in Asia, Europe and the Americas, and has lectured during some of the major implant dental meetings such as the Academy of Osseointegration, American Academy of Implant Dentistry and American Academy of Periodontology. 

Dr. Polack during his lecture in Taiwan, with Mr. Kevin Lin, president of Hi-Clearance Inc. (December 2011)


A beautiful hand-made plaque presented to Dr. Polack in recognition of his presentation at a dental meeting in Mexico on July 2012 

In 2014 Dr. Polack lectured on implant dentistry and esthetics in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Spain, visiting some of these locations multiple times.


Above, a banner for the IX International Keystone Dental Meeting in Seville, Spain where Dr. Polack lectured on October 17, 2014.

In 2016, Dr. Polack has lectured on implants and esthetic dentistry at the Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting in San Diego, the 3rd Annual Keystone Symposium in Las Vegas, and will lecture in South Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Nebraska and Florida, to name a few.

Above, Dr. Polack lecturing at the Corporate Forum of the prestigious Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting. (February, 2016)

Dr. Polack sharing the podium in Las Vegas with Dr. Dennis Tarnow, an internationally renowned dentist involved in the forefront of implant research and clinical treatment. (May 2016)

The lecturing schedule for Dr. Polack in 2017 included the 4th Annual Keystone Symposium in Las Vegas with Dr. Dennis Tarnow and lectures in Utah, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia and Florida. Dr Polack was also in charge of a four-session implant residency in Tennessee througout the year.

The 4th Annual Keystone Dental Symposium at The Delano in Las Vegas, where Dr. Polack shared the podium with Dr. Dennis Tarnow and other presenters.

2018 will be a busy year for Dr. Polack's teaching engagements. He will be visting Tennessee, New York, Virginia, Florida, Las Vegas, and multiple trips to California.  He also recently concluded a five-year multicenter clinical study on a unique and esthetically advanced dental implant that will be published in the near future.  Stay tuned for more news!